18 agosto 2012

Ombre pink

I felt so lucky finding the last Ombre t-shirt in my new fave store: Lefties. ( I don´t know if you all know this label: it´s a small part of the big Inditex corporation). So, I wasn´t searching for anything when I saw this delicious piece of candy t-shirt at only 2 euros. I just love it! :)

I was wearing: Jeans: Blanco; T.shirt: Lefties; Shoes- No name;

15 agosto 2012

Random | My week

.freshy watermelon.

.old wire fence in town.

. "I love you" written on a tree in Valencia.


13 agosto 2012

Beautiful Valencia

This last week has been full of activities for me: I´ve been to the beach 5 times and I visited Benidorm, Alicante and Valencia with my family.
Next week I´m planning to participate in some interesting volunteer activities. I can´t wait!! :)
How are you spending your summer holidays? I would love to hear from you.

I was wearing: T-shirt-Blanco; Skirt- Lefties;


06 agosto 2012

Drops of sun

I don´t know about you, guys, but I love the sea. I would lay for hours in the sun, swim and just fool around. :) I never get enough! :)
Kisses! <3

03 agosto 2012

Keep it simple

I´m fighting this hot days without any result... Tons of ice cold lemonade and long pool sprees in the evening seem the best option now... This sunday we (my bf, my parents and I) are going to the beach to spend some relaxing moments together. I hope that this getaway will "refresh"me a litlle bit. :)
What do you do when hot days take control ?

I was wearing: Flats- Zara(old); T-shirt: Lefties; Shorts- Mango (old); Necklace- DIY; Clutch- Thrifted;

"Stop making me laugh!!!! " moment :)


01 agosto 2012

Leopardish summer

Finally I got my first reflex camera :D yaaay. I´m so happy! It was a gift made to myself and I think it´s the best way to spend a major part of my first salary. Here I let you some photos from my first "experiment" haha. I really have to learn how to use this beauty properly.
Bye-bye, guys! <3
I was wearing: T-shirt: DIY; Shorts: Thrifted + DIY ripped; Boots-Local store;