15 diciembre 2012

Red wine

Tonigh I´m having dinner with my classmates and this is what I would love to wear. :D I´m saying "would love" because I have the sweater, a similar skirt and boots but I don´t have the necklace and bag, ofc.
I know I will have a great time.

Kisses,lovelies! <3

01 diciembre 2012


Babeees, how are you? I´m a little bit busy with exams and some extra work for school.... I hope this will end soon and I´ll have more time for my baby blog :). Here I show you some photos that a friend of mine took of myself. She´s studying photography( envy here haha) and I helped her with a small projet.

11 noviembre 2012

Burgundy drop

                 I love that burgundy is so IN this autumn because I love this color actually. Burgundy always reminded me of autumn, rusted leaves, wine and elegance. Do you like burgundy?
                                                                Kisses, loves! <3

I was wearing:  Boots and Jacket- Zara; Denim shirt- H&M; Necklace - Clic Jewels ; Watch: eBay;


29 octubre 2012

City festival

Hi, babiesss! Just a quick update to show you some photos from yesterday ( a small city festival). I love the huge puzzle of colors, flavours, people and the smell of roasted apple yummmmm.
Lots of love! :)

Jeans- H&M; Jacket- Zara; Shoes- Local store; Sweater- Bershka; Watch- eBay;

23 octubre 2012

Golden watch

Don´t  you love my new watch? I certainly do!
 I´ve bought this golden beauty on eBay because the Michael Kors is way too much for my pocket. :)
                                                           Kisses, beauties! 

12 octubre 2012

New in

Say hello to my new babies from Zara kids. They are the perfect masculine touch I was looking for this autumn. Simple yet chic. Love them! <3



07 octubre 2012

Leopard beauties

I have to confess that I love blazers to death even if I just own a few...for me this kind of outfits are perfect for school ( actually I worn this one at school). And I finally found this adorable leopard slippers that I was looking for. And I only paid 10 euros for them ( God bless SALES )!

 I was wearing: Blazer-Stradivarius; Shoes: Local store; Jeans- Only; T-shirt: Lefties;

30 septiembre 2012

Autumn feelings

Autumn: coziness, huge mugs of hot chocolate, early sunsets, comfy socks,warm hugs, boots, layers, movies under the blanket, school, gorgeous rusty leaves.

                                                                 How does Autumn make you feel?

13 septiembre 2012

School soon

Kind of the ideal things I would love to have for this new year school.


Back to school

Jacket-Topshop; Backpack- endless.com; Boots-jades24.com; Watch-Michael Kors (asos.com); Bracelet-asos.com

06 septiembre 2012


Oh my, how much I love autumn signs! I was already tired of the overwhelming temperatures... I will also enjoy this season because I´m in the mood of statement-pieces-that-complete-the-outfit (I adore this necklace!!! ):D. I love experimentig new "outfit moods".


02 septiembre 2012

New in. Vintage beauty

I bought today this gorgeous piece for only 2 euros from a vintage market. I think it´s a perfect statement necklace for every outfit.


18 agosto 2012

Ombre pink

I felt so lucky finding the last Ombre t-shirt in my new fave store: Lefties. ( I don´t know if you all know this label: it´s a small part of the big Inditex corporation). So, I wasn´t searching for anything when I saw this delicious piece of candy t-shirt at only 2 euros. I just love it! :)

I was wearing: Jeans: Blanco; T.shirt: Lefties; Shoes- No name;

15 agosto 2012

Random | My week

.freshy watermelon.

.old wire fence in town.

. "I love you" written on a tree in Valencia.


13 agosto 2012

Beautiful Valencia

This last week has been full of activities for me: I´ve been to the beach 5 times and I visited Benidorm, Alicante and Valencia with my family.
Next week I´m planning to participate in some interesting volunteer activities. I can´t wait!! :)
How are you spending your summer holidays? I would love to hear from you.

I was wearing: T-shirt-Blanco; Skirt- Lefties;


06 agosto 2012

Drops of sun

I don´t know about you, guys, but I love the sea. I would lay for hours in the sun, swim and just fool around. :) I never get enough! :)
Kisses! <3

03 agosto 2012

Keep it simple

I´m fighting this hot days without any result... Tons of ice cold lemonade and long pool sprees in the evening seem the best option now... This sunday we (my bf, my parents and I) are going to the beach to spend some relaxing moments together. I hope that this getaway will "refresh"me a litlle bit. :)
What do you do when hot days take control ?

I was wearing: Flats- Zara(old); T-shirt: Lefties; Shorts- Mango (old); Necklace- DIY; Clutch- Thrifted;

"Stop making me laugh!!!! " moment :)


01 agosto 2012

Leopardish summer

Finally I got my first reflex camera :D yaaay. I´m so happy! It was a gift made to myself and I think it´s the best way to spend a major part of my first salary. Here I let you some photos from my first "experiment" haha. I really have to learn how to use this beauty properly.
Bye-bye, guys! <3
I was wearing: T-shirt: DIY; Shorts: Thrifted + DIY ripped; Boots-Local store;


26 julio 2012

Summerish mood

I love this summerish mood around me: streets full of people at midnight, pool parties, barbecues, swimwear, neon clothes, tanned skin, yummy drinks and fresh fruits.
Do you enjoy summer as much as I do?

Top- Stradivarius; Shorts- Vintage; Necklace-Sfera;

cherry & lemon <3


20 julio 2012

4th anniversary

As I said, the last week we celebrated our 4th anniversary walking along the beach of Alicante, enjoying beautiful moments beside eachother. :) This getaway was so relaxing and... refreshing :D.

P.S. : I´m so sorry that I can´t post as often as I would want but my job is overwhelming sometimes...
Love you, sweeties! <3

26 junio 2012

Busy bee

Hi, guys! I´m so sorry for the huge lack of posts but something happened :). I have an explication: I started working 2 weeks ago (my first job ever) and I´m extremely busy and exhausted. Today I had my first day off and I took advantage of it: my boyfriend and I went to take lunch out and we had a little relaxing time to the beach in the afternoon, in Valencia. I hope to get used to the job and I hope to post more often. I´m really happy that I will finally can buy myself an appropriate camera yyaaaay :d.
Bye-bye, loves! <3

12 junio 2012

Just one month left

Just one month left until our 4th anniversary yaay. :D Me and my bf are already starting to plan our little trip details and I couldn´t be more excited. This year we will choose the city of Alicante, a beautiful Mediterranean port: some days of relax and good feelings that I will definitely enjoy a lot. Where are you going on vacation this summer? I would love to hear from you. Kisses, guys! <3

Solo queda un mes para nuestro aniversario ( el mio y de mi novio) y no podria estar mas ilusionada. Este año elegiremos como destino para nuestra pequeña escapada romantica la preciosa ciudad de Alicante: unos dias para desconectar y relajarse, perfectos para recargar las pilas y disfrutar del clima mediterraneo. Vosotras donde os vais de vacaciones este verano? Me encantaria escuchar vuestros destinos. :D Un beso!

Alicante in the night

08 junio 2012

You´re still THE bag for me

Did you ever felt like one bag tells everything about your style? Well, this happened to me with this bag... I think it defines my style completly and that´s the way I love it to death.
Aw...I almost forget... I´m attending a charity dinner tonight with my bf and I couldn´t be more excited; now it´s time to prepare my dress and stuff. I´ll show you some photos in the next post. :D Kisses, loves!

Hoy os traigo un look simple, casual con mi bolso favorito :D. Habeis tenido alguna vez la impresion de que un bolso dice todo sobre vosotras? Pues a mi me paso con este y no lo cambiaria por ninguno ( bueno, alomejor por el original jeje).
Tengo que irme corriendo porque esta noche tengo una cena benefica y voy un poco retrasada con los preparativos :) (como siempre). Me hace mucha ilusion porque es la primera vez que participo a un evento de este tipo. En el siguiente post os enseñare algunas fotos. Hasta la proxima, guapas!<3

I was wearing: Jeans: Stradivarius; Sneakers: Silver; Colar: DIY; Bag: local store; Blouse: thrifted;

Ignore my killer face :)))