26 junio 2012

Busy bee

Hi, guys! I´m so sorry for the huge lack of posts but something happened :). I have an explication: I started working 2 weeks ago (my first job ever) and I´m extremely busy and exhausted. Today I had my first day off and I took advantage of it: my boyfriend and I went to take lunch out and we had a little relaxing time to the beach in the afternoon, in Valencia. I hope to get used to the job and I hope to post more often. I´m really happy that I will finally can buy myself an appropriate camera yyaaaay :d.
Bye-bye, loves! <3

12 junio 2012

Just one month left

Just one month left until our 4th anniversary yaay. :D Me and my bf are already starting to plan our little trip details and I couldn´t be more excited. This year we will choose the city of Alicante, a beautiful Mediterranean port: some days of relax and good feelings that I will definitely enjoy a lot. Where are you going on vacation this summer? I would love to hear from you. Kisses, guys! <3

Solo queda un mes para nuestro aniversario ( el mio y de mi novio) y no podria estar mas ilusionada. Este año elegiremos como destino para nuestra pequeña escapada romantica la preciosa ciudad de Alicante: unos dias para desconectar y relajarse, perfectos para recargar las pilas y disfrutar del clima mediterraneo. Vosotras donde os vais de vacaciones este verano? Me encantaria escuchar vuestros destinos. :D Un beso!

Alicante in the night

08 junio 2012

You´re still THE bag for me

Did you ever felt like one bag tells everything about your style? Well, this happened to me with this bag... I think it defines my style completly and that´s the way I love it to death.
Aw...I almost forget... I´m attending a charity dinner tonight with my bf and I couldn´t be more excited; now it´s time to prepare my dress and stuff. I´ll show you some photos in the next post. :D Kisses, loves!

Hoy os traigo un look simple, casual con mi bolso favorito :D. Habeis tenido alguna vez la impresion de que un bolso dice todo sobre vosotras? Pues a mi me paso con este y no lo cambiaria por ninguno ( bueno, alomejor por el original jeje).
Tengo que irme corriendo porque esta noche tengo una cena benefica y voy un poco retrasada con los preparativos :) (como siempre). Me hace mucha ilusion porque es la primera vez que participo a un evento de este tipo. En el siguiente post os enseñare algunas fotos. Hasta la proxima, guapas!<3

I was wearing: Jeans: Stradivarius; Sneakers: Silver; Colar: DIY; Bag: local store; Blouse: thrifted;

Ignore my killer face :)))

05 junio 2012

Dream about

Just a lazy summerish outfit that I worn 2 days ago for a short shopping spree with my bf. :) I´m burning here already... I just don´t want to imagine how hot july or august will be... :(
Kisses, lovelies! <3

T-shirt: Clockhouse; Shorts, shoes- no name;

03 junio 2012


I hope you are all having a great weekend. Here the temperatures are sooo high... 42ºC yesterday...it´s like impossible to get out before 8 pm. Until next time, lovelies !<3

Espero que todas paseis un buen finde. Aqui las temperaturas estan por las nubes... 42ºC ayer...es imposible salir de casa antes de la hora de cenar; espero que vosotras tengais mas suerte.Bueno, hasta la proxima, guapas! <3


Another breakfast on the balcony; I rescued and painted the table myself because I thought that it´s perfect for breakfasts and blogging :D .

Awesome shorts that I found in a thrift store.

The solution for my sleep problems after drinking Coca Cola: caffeine-free Coca Cola