30 diciembre 2011

Happy New Year!

Did it. (2011)
  • move to Spain
  • join University
  • go to the sea for my b-day
  • make new friends
  • try to be a better person
  • watch the falling stars rain with my boyfriend
  • play in the snow with him
  • see my blog growing

To do. (2012)

  • wake up every single morning next to him
  • try to be a better person
  • go back to Romania (just holidays)
  • see my blog growing
  • buy a good camera
  • spend more time with my parents
  • visit Itlay, Andorra or France
  • learn another foreign language

To do (always) : BE HAPPY.

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Thanks for reading, guys. May your wishes come true!

See you next year!



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  1. Good luck with all your expectations! Great lists, and great accomplishment. Wonder what new language you might learn..?

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    quien lo haría ?¿?¿? te sigo y te doy mi enhorabuena ,te dejó el mio, si te gusta y crees que me lo merezco, me encantaría que formaras parte de el "siguiendome"

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  3. It's so nice that you accomplished all of those things! happy new year and I hope you make the best of 2012!

  4. I hope you have a great 2012 :D xx


  5. wow! you did a lot in 2011 :):
    and you have many things to do in 2012! good luck :D
    great blog btw! and happy new year!

  6. Thanks for commenting and following! Of course we follow you back :)


  7. Espero que se cumplan todos tus deseos!!!




  8. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I love the post. Happy new year :) Do you wanna follow each other? We can be blog mates :)

    xx Gopika

  9. These are great new year resolutions. I just made one simple on this year that I am hoping to stick with. Learning a new language has been on my list nearly every single year! Maybe when I finish Uni?


  10. Thanks for following anna!
    I'm following you back

    xx Gopika <3


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